March 25, 2021, 7pm, online by Zoom, with Maurice Guibord, Executive Director of SHFCB.
Francophones were present in every facet of life in early Vancouver, sometimes in surprising quarters. From an architect nun and a man who walked across Canada to an opera singer and the ubiquitous French restauranteur, most followed the same lure to the West Coast as most of the other early European settlers. Some created their own villages, while others melted into the crowd. Some erected their own buildings, while others saw theirs burn down. A teacher, a priest, a doctor, a photographer and a drunk, sellers of shoes, clothes, jewels and tobacco, all came to the new city, while at least one came, had enough and left. These are human stories, stories of settlement, of families staying together, of families moving up in the world on the West Coast. And while learning a new language, their mother tongue, French, bound them together.
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